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My works focus on the mechanical behaviour of materials in large deformations and concern principally rubber like materials and soft tissues. A main part of my work aims at creating architectured materials that can endure large anisotropic deformations. This work lays on experimental and computational solid mechanics and mechanical engineering studies.


  • 2013 - now - Associate Professor University of Grenoble, Laboratory TIMC-IMAG
  • 2004 - 2013 - Associate Professor University of Grenoble, Laboratory 3SR
  • 2003 - 2004 - Assistant Professor IFMA Clermont-Ferrand
  • Degrees

  • 2011 - Habilitation Thesis - University of Grenoble
  • 2003 - PhD Thesis - Ecole centrale of Nantes
  • 2000 - MS Mechanics of Materials - Ecole centrale of Nantes
  • Research Interests

  • Rubber-like materials (Silicone rubber);
  • Architectured materials;
  • Soft tissues;
  • Bioelastomers mechanics for medical application;
  • Shape memory alloys (NiTi);
  • Publications

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    [3] Chagnon Grégory
    Contribution to the study of architectured materials in large deformations for biomedical applications
    Habilitation thesis, University of Grenoble, France (2011).

    [2] Chagnon Grégory
    Modelling of Mullins effect in rubber like materials
    PhD thesis, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France (2003).

    [1] Chagnon Grégory
    Modelling of damage in rubber like materials
    Master thesis, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France (2000).

    Articles in peer-reviewed journals

    [30] Machado, G., Stricher, A., Chagnon, G., Favier, D. (2016).
    Mechanical behavior of architectured photosensitive silicone membranes: experimental data and numerical analysis..
    Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, accepted doi link

    [29] Breche, Q., Chagnon, G., Machado, G., Girard, E., Nottelet, B., Garic, X., Favier, D. (2016).
    Mechanical behaviour's evolution of a PLA-b-PEG-b-PLA triblock copolymer during hydrolytic degradation.
    Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 10.1016/j.jmbbm.2016.02.015. doi link

    [28] Samuel, R., Girard, E., Chagnon, G., Dejean, S., Favier, D., Coudane, J., Nottelet, B. (2015).
    Radiopaque Poly(ε-caprolactone) as Additive for X-Ray Imaging of Temporary Implantable Medical Devices.
    Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 5, 84125. doi link

    [27] Delobelle, V., Chagnon, G., Favier, D., Alonso, T. (2015).
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    [18] Machado G., Chagnon G., and Favier D. (2014)
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    [15] Robert, A., Chagnon, G., Cinquin P. and Moreau-Gaudry, A. (2013).
    Using a 3D needle-tissue force distribution basis to optimise the design of an instrumented needle.
    Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 16, 320-322 doi link

    [14] Robert, A., Chagnon, G., Bricault I., Cinquin P. and Moreau-Gaudry, A. (2013).
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    [1] Favier, D., Alonso, T., Chagnon, G., Liu, Y., and Moreau-Gaudry, A. (2011)
    Aiguille médicale à trajectoire modifiable et pieu pilote à rigidités multiples réalisées par traitement thermique local.
    FR 1159387.

    Chapter in Book

    [1] Luboz, V., Promayon, E., Chagnon, G., Alonso, T., Favier, D., Barthod, C. et Payan, Y. (2012)
    Validation of a Light Aspiration device for in vivo Soft Tissue Characterization (LASTIC).
    in Soft Tissue Biomechanical Modeling for Computer Assisted Surgery, Yohan Payan editor, Springer-Verlag.

    PhD Students

    [8] Alonso Thierry (2015)
    Characterization by DMA test and thermomechanical behaviour optimization of NiTi wires - Application to a medical steerable needle.
    University of Grenoble Alpes.
    PhD Supervisor with Denis Favier

    [7] Rebouah Marie (2014)
    Anisotropic stress softening and viscoelasticity in rubber like materials and architectured materials
    University of Grenoble. pdf

    [6] Rey Thierry (2014)
    Contribution to the elaboration, experimentation shape memory alloy Nickel-Titanium/silicone rubber composites
    University of Grenoble.
    PhD Supervisor with Denis Favier and Jean-Benoit Le Cam pdf

    [5] Robert Adeline (2013)
    Navigation d'une aiguille médicale déformable
    University of Grenoble.
    PhD Supervisor with Philippe Cinquin and Alexandre Moreau-Gaudry pdf (in French)

    [4] Linardon Camille (2013)
    Étirage de tubes de précision pour applications biomédicales. Contribution à l'analyse et l'amélioration du procédé par expérimentation, modélisation et simulation numérique
    University of Grenoble.
    PhD Supervisor with Denis Favier pdf

    [3] Machado Guilherme (2011)
    A contribution to the study of induced anisotropy by Mullins effect in silicone rubber
    University of Grenoble.
    PhD Supervisor with Denis Favier pdf

    [2] Palengat Muriel (2009)
    Modélisation des couplages multiphysiques matériaux-produits-procédés lors de l'étirage de tubes : applications aux alliages métalliques usuels
    University of Grenoble - Collaboration Minitubes SA.
    PhD Supervisor with Denis Favier pdf (in French)

    [1] Meunier Luc (2008)
    Contribution à la conception, l’expérimentation et la modélisation de membranes hyperélastiques architecturées anisotropes
    University of Grenoble.
    PhD Supervisor with Denis Favier

    Some Projects

    ANR - RAMMO (Eel-Like Robot with electric sense) 2007-2011

    This ANR Project aiming at the design, construction and control of a 3D eel-like robot with electrical sensing that is usually used by the electric fishes. The robot is composed of 12 vertebras connected through a rotation free joints. The whole robot is covered with a skin that is especially designed in order to avoid perforation due to the water pressure while allowing an easy swimming oriented ondulations. Our team role in this project is to design this skin, composed by a special silicone rubber material.
    Leader: F. Boyer
    Partners: IRCCyN (Nantes)/ GIPSA-LAB (Grenoble) / LMF (Nantes) / SUBATECH (Nantes) / UNIC (Paris)

    Eel Robot

    ANR - ANiM (Architectured Ni-Ti Materials) 2010-2014

    This project aims to develop a new category of innovative materials combining the intrinsic and novel properties of Nickel-Titanium shape memory alloys with purposely engineered topologies allowed by the notion of “architectured materials”. More specifically, we aim to create architectured materials constituted of NiTi wires and tubes. Using fibres cut from thin wires, we will create non-woven random 2D textiles, 3D blocks of low solid densities, and more complex designed architectures. With thin-wall tubes we will create regular cellular materials. To realise these unique structures we apply a range of innovative materials processing techniques, such as plasma sintering, electric resistance welding, diffusion brazing, and silicone elastomer infiltration.
    Our team role is to study and improve the interface between NiTi and silicone rubber.
    Leader: D. Favier
    Partners: LMGC (Montpellier)/ SIMAP (Grenoble) / LARMUR (Rennes) / LIMATB (Lorient) / 3SR (Grenoble)

    NiTi ANiM

    ANR - SAMBA (Silicone Architectured Membranes for Biomedical Applications) 2012-2016

    This project takes its source in an array of works aiming at designing highly deformable anisotropic membranes for medical applications. The silicone rubbers are highly deformable biomaterials widely used by surgeons for their mechanical properties controlled by their crosslinking rate. In current medical applications, the properties of silicones are homogeneous and isotropic. In the present biomimetic approach, our researches aim to provide the clinician elastomeric membranes whose local properties can possibly be non-uniform and will be fully controlled during their elaboration, both in rigidity and anisotropy.
    Leader: G. Chagnon
    Partners: IMP (Lyon)/ MATEIS (Lyon)

    Samba Project Samba Project


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    email: gregory [dot] chagnon [at] imag [dot] fr

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